For almost a decade, Orkney has been at the forefront of marine renewable energy research and development and almost all technology types for wave and tidal energy conversion have been tested in Orkney waters via the European Marine Energy Centre in Stromness.

Within the sheltered deep waters of Scapa Flow, is the former naval base at Lyness which was refurbished 5 years ago to provide fit for purpose quay edge and pier furniture, pier services and laydown areas. The Local Authority has under its ownership, over 300,000 square metres of brown field site adjacent to the Lyness and Golden Wharfs, and this has provided an opportunity for in depth investigations and due diligence for a potential decommissioning site.

Expressions of interest have been received and are being processed for the conversion of this site for the purposes of decommissioning and activity in direct relation to the decommissioning of North seas and other assets is expected to get underway in early 2018.