Orkney Harbour Authority, under the requirements set out in Statutory Instrument No.2003/1809, operates a Port Waste Management Plan. This ensures that all ship generated waste and cargo residue is controlled at all authority piers and harbours. This requirement is applicable to all vessels, except fishing vessels and recreational craft authorised to carry, or designed to carry, no more than 12 passengers.

The Port Waste Management Plan details the location of all waste collection facilities at the Authority's piers and harbours. It also contains a list of the contractors used for waste disposal.

SI 2003/1809 requires all the identified vessels intending to enter the Harbour Authority area, to provide notification of the waste they are carrying (unless they hold a MCA Exemption Certificate). Information, as required in Annex A of MGN 253 (M+F) and in schedule 2 of the Port Waste Reception Facilities Regulations 2003, must be reported prior to arrival.

To comply with the EU Animal By-Products Regulation (1774/2002/EC) and The Animal By-Products (Scotland) Regulations 2003, all catering waste must be double bagged prior to landing. Catering waste includes all packing materials associated from the food. Any catering waste from a vessel that has landed in a non-EU port will have all food waste treated as CAT 1 food waste (ICW). This includes all vessels that have docked/landed in non-EU countries even if the vessel has been provisioned in the EU, as there is no reliable method for establishing that non-EU stores were not taken on-board.

Ships' agents are responsible for notifying visiting vessels of these requirements.


Arrangements have been put in place to accept waste from all other vessels that are outside the scope of the requirements. Piers are provided with euro bins and some of the larger piers are provided with skips and waste oil collection tanks. The cost of waste collection and disposal is normally covered within the harbour dues. However, there are additional fees for large quantities of waste (excess of 16.0m³ or 2.0 tonnes). Vessels are made aware of the fee for waste collection through details published in the port's Schedule of Charges.

Any vessel, which believes there is an inadequacy in the waste management plan, can report this directly to the Harbour Authority or through the ship's agent. The Harbour Authority is obliged to deal with complaints promptly.

Contact details (for OHA piers and harbours)

Information should be sent to the Harbour Authority by fax, email or, if necessary, by VHF radio:

Fax: +44 (0)1856 873012
Email: [email protected]
VHF: channel 16, 11



Vessels and shipping agents should use the CERS Workbook to provide the information needed to the Harbour Authority.