Where there are security concerns from any person at a pier or harbour operated by the authority, they should contact the piermaster at the location or advise the operations room at the harbour authority building at Scapa:

Tel: +44 (0)1856 873636
Fax: +44 (0)1856 873012
Email: [email protected]

The vigilance of the public and users of the facilities and the reporting of any suspicious activities or objects is of the utmost importance.

International Ship and Port Facility Security Code

Orkney Harbour Authority has an approved Port Facility Security Plan for its piers and harbours for;

  • passenger operations (PAX), and
  • other bulk cargo operations (OBC), and
  • chemical, oil and gas operations (COG) as necessary.

For details please contact the Port Facility Security Officer on +44(0)1856 873636.

Pre-arrival reporting should be carried out by using the CERS3 workbook:


The port requires the following vessels, which are required to comply with the ISPS code, to submit a pre-arrival information report form at least 24 hours prior to arrival:

  • Cargo vessels arriving from a non-UK port
  • Cruise ships arriving from any port
  • All tankers of over 3000 GT arriving from any port

Vessels not affected by the requirements of the ISPS code and seeking information on the security arrangements in place at any of the facilities listed above, should contact the PFSO via the Operations Room.


Port security is carried out under the following legislative instruments: Regulation (EC) No. 725/2004 enhancing ship and port facility security. IS 2004 No. 1495 The ship and Port Facility (Security) Regulations 2004. SI 2005 No.1434 The ship and Port Facility (Security) (Amended) Regulations 2004.