If any person has concerns relating to safety in the Harbour Areas they should contact the Piermaster at the location or the Safety Officer at the Harbour Authority Building. The following is general safety advice to all persons intending to work or visit any of our harbour areas.


Health and Safety Advice to All Port Users

OIC Marine Services endeavors to promote and provide for the safe use and working environment within all harbour areas under their jurisdiction. A Safety Management System has been developed along with Standard Operating Procedures to promote safe and efficient harbour operations. Safe and efficient port operations are of the utmost importance and harbour users and visitors are requested to follow all instructions and guidance relating to safety while in and around the harbour areas.

Safety Management System - Statement of Commitment
  • Safety Management System - Manual (1.1Mb) July 2018
  • OIC Marine Services is committed to undertaking and regulating marine operations to safeguard all its harbour areas, its users, the public and the environment.
  • OIC Marine Services aims to run a safe, efficient, cost-effective, sustainable harbour operation for the benefit of all users and the wider community.
  • OIC Marine Services is committed to full compliance with all legal requirements and to meet these requirements in all its operations, while seeking to meet the changing needs of all harbour users.
  • OIC Marine Services is committed to ensuring that all its employees, contractors and port users are well informed, well trained, engaged and committed to the H&S improvement process. OIC Marine Services recognises that safe operations depend not only on technically sound vessels and equipment but on competent people and an active H&S culture and that no activity is so important that it cannot be done safely.
  • OIC Marine Services is fully committed to undertaking hazard identification and risk assessments and the reporting of H&S results.
  • OIC Marine Services expect that all port users recognise that they can affect its operations and reputation, and must operate to its standards. OIC Marine Services will assure itself that its contractors' and others' management systems fully support its commitment to H&S performance.
  • OIC Marine Services aims to meet the national requirements in the Port Marine Safety Code.

Public safety

  • Members of the public should follow all marked walkways and obey safety notices in place in the harbour areas.
  • Avoid walking too close to the quay edge and be aware of possible obstructions in the harbour areas.
  • Be aware of vehicles moving in and around the harbour areas.
  • No smoking areas will be enforced during certain cargo operations.
  • For information and guidance on safety contact a member of the harbour staff at the location.

Vehicle safety

  • Observe the speed limits in operation in all harbours areas at all times.
  • Vehicles not involved in cargo working operations must avoid entering a cargo working area.
  • Vehicles must follow all traffic directions in the harbour areas and keep to the left if possible when passing other vehicles.
  • Vehicles should not park on any harbour facilities unless they hold a current vehicle parking permit. All permit holder vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas.
  • Further information can be found in the Orkney Harbour Areas (Vehicles) Byelaws. Copies of all Byelaws are available from the Harbour Authority Building or can be viewed here.

Cargo working operations

  • All cargo working should be planned with the Piermaster at the location.
  • All safety issues should be considered and control measures but in place as appropriate.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn be all persons involved in cargo working operations or working over the side of the quay or a vessel. PPE should be as appropriate to the Risk Assessment for the work to be performed.
  • All vehicles involved in commercial activities in any harbour area must be certificated according to the regulations in place relating to the type of vehicle. OIC Marine Services reserves the right to request to sight all certificates applicable to a vehicle prior to allowing that vehicle to operate in the harbour area.
  • The working area must at all time be tidy and all debris and potentially hazardous material should be removed from cargo working areas after the completion of cargo operations for the day.
  • The prevention of pollution of all harbour areas must at all times be considered.

Marine craft operations

  • All vessels operating within the harbour areas must proceed at a safe speed.
  • Follow any instructions or guidance from the Piermaster or Harbour Authority if safe to do so.
  • Ensure the prevention of pollution of harbour areas and report any pollution incidents or signs of pollution to the Piermaster or the Harbour Authority.
  • Dispose of all garbage in the facilities provided at harbour locations.
  • Ensure their vessel is properly moored with consideration to the tidal range and the forecasted weather conditions.
  • Any vessel involved or witnessing a near miss situation within the harbour areas are requested to report the incident to the Piermaster or to the Harbour Authority.
  • Orkney Harbour Byelaws must be followed at all times. Copies of all byelaws are available from the Harbour Authority Building or here.

Orkney Islands Council Chief Executive - Safety Management System