The information on this page does not include vessels that operate scheduled sailings to and from the Orkney Islands. The information is updated daily and the estimated time of arrival for vessels will be confirmed 4 hours prior to their arrival time.

The information provided is believed to be correct when posted and will be updated as required.

  • ETAName (Type)BerthFrom
    Oct 18AasfjordHatston PierStornoway
  • All FastName (Type)BerthETDDestination
    Oct 14 - 12:06grena knutsen
    Ship to Ship
    Scapa Flow AnchorageOct 19
    Oct 15 - 15:36Thornbury
    Flotta oil Tanker
    Flotta JettyOct 17 - 01:00Rotterdam
  • Let GoName (Type)BerthDestination
    Oct 16 - 17:00Hildasay
    Ro-Ro vessel
    Hatston Ro-RoAberdeen
    Oct 14 - 13:54Minerva Helen
    Ship to Ship
    STS 3St James USA
    Oct 14 - 02:36Hildasay
    Ro-Ro vessel
    Hatston RoRoLerwick
    Oct 12 - 03:41Hildasay
    Ro-Ro vessel
    Hatston RoRoLerwick
    Oct 11 - 14:46Burhou 1
    Bulk Cargo Vessel
    Kirkwall T BerthLoth
    Oct 11 - 02:44Hildasay
    Ro-Ro vessel
    Hatston RoRoLerwick
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