The information on this page does not include vessels that operate scheduled sailings to and from the Orkney Islands. The information is updated daily and the estimated time of arrival for vessels will be confirmed 4 hours prior to their arrival time.

The information provided is believed to be correct when posted and will be updated as required.

  • ETAName (Type)BerthFrom
    Aug 3 - 21:00KMARIN RENOWN
    Crude Oil Tanker
    Flotta JettyBANTRY BAY, Irish Republic
    Aug 4 - 08:00MARELLA EXPLORER 2
    Kirkwall Hatston 1A/BGREENOCK, United Kingdom
    Aug 9 - 08:00ANTHEM OF THE SEAS
    Kirkwall Hatston 1A/BSOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom
  • All FastName (Type)BerthETDDestination
    Aug 2 - 06:02HELLIAR
    Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
    Kirkwall Hatston 1A/BAug 2 - 20:00ABERDEEN, United Kingdom
    Jun 18 - 04:03AQUA STANG
    Utility Vessel
    Stromness:South TBAUNITED KINGDOM, United Kingdom
  • Let GoName (Type)BerthDestination
    Aug 2 - 10:08ALMI EXPLORER
    Crude Oil Tanker
    S.T.S.2SINGAPORE, Singapore
    Aug 2 - 08:20PETRONORDIC
    Shuttle Tanker
    S.T.S.2ABERDEEN, United Kingdom
    Aug 1 - 19:47MARELLA EXPLORER
    Kirkwall Hatston 1A/BLERWICK, United Kingdom
    Aug 1 - 09:15POLE STAR
    Buoy & Lighthouse Tender
    Kirkwall:North LOSSIEMOUTH, United Kingdom
    Aug 1 - 09:01IEVOLI BLACK
    Anchor Handling Tug Supply
    Kirkwall, Hatston 2 bSea patrol, United Kingdom
    Aug 1 - 02:49HELLIAR
    Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
    Kirkwall, Hatston RoRo.ABERDEEN, United Kingdom
    Jul 30 - 17:30ANTHEM OF THE SEAS
    Kirkwall Hatston 1A/BSOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom
    Jul 30 - 13:59FUGRO VENTURER
    Research Survey Vessel
    Anchorage Scapa FlowUNKNOWN PORT, Unknown/Not Yet Entered
    Jul 29 - 23:38RONJA SUPERIOR
    Fish Carrier
    Lober Fish FarmSCALLOWAY, United Kingdom
    Jul 29 - 02:56HELLIAR
    Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
    Kirkwall, Hatston RoRo.LERWICK, United Kingdom
    Jul 29 - 00:05MARSALI
    Fish Carrier
    Kirkwall:North BALTASOUND, United Kingdom
    Jul 28 - 09:50Hirta
    Fishery Patrol Vessel
    Kirkwall:North UNITED KINGDOM, United Kingdom
    Jul 26 - 16:29KMARIN RIGOUR
    Crude Oil Tanker
    Flotta JettyWILHELMSHAVEN, Germany
    Jul 26 - 08:25POLE STAR
    Buoy & Lighthouse Tender
    Stromness:NorthSCRABSTER, United Kingdom