September 19th 2017

Within the past week, Scapa Flow has once again been the centre of Ship to Ship transfers of crude oil with 9 tankers of Aframax and VLCC size conducting operations in Orkney.

A total of 9 tankers have been taking part in STS operations at anchor in Scapa Flow and in addition there have been 2 cargo uplifts from the Flotta Oil Terminal in Scapa Flow.

Michael Morrison, Business Development Manager with the Harbour Authority in Orkney said

The introduction of a ground breaking ballast water management policy for Scapa Flow implemented in 2014 and the subsequent granting of an oil transfer licence by the MCA for designated anchorages in Scapa Flow has been a major contributor to the sustained success of Scapa Flow as the premier location of choice for STS operations at anchor for crude oil, LNG and LPG.

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