May 2nd 2016

Marine Biologist Jenni Kakkonen who is currently the senior biologist with the OIC marine services environmental unit, has been invited to join the panel on the project development of the National Marine Centre based in North Berwick. The Scottish Seabird Centre, which has been in existence for 16 years, has continually developed and has expanded its remit through the various activities delivered and as such this next project is a natural progression for the Centre. The project will involve major capital works and a shift in focus of the existing Seabird Centre to include wider aspects of Scotland's marine environment.

Plans also include new exhibitions that will interpret the wider marine environment and the development of a new education programme. Importantly, exhibition content and delivery programmes must have a national reach ensuring that content is representative of national priorities and link to wider activities.

As a panel member Jenni will be asked to provide feedback, advice and guidance at key points throughout the project development phase over the forthcoming year.

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