September 18th 2018

Extra land is being made available to encourage further business activity at Hatston Pier in Orkney.

An additional four hectares (9.8 acres) of land adjacent to Hatston Pier has transferred to the Harbour Authority account from Orkney Islands Council ownership.

Gavin Barr, Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure, said: “The land was purchased because of its potential to support the Council’s efforts to encourage economic activity in Orkney.

“Its worth as a strategic asset is demonstrated by this transfer to the management of the Harbour Authority, which will make good use of the land in enabling business growth at Hatston.”

Brian Archibald, Head of Marine Services, Engineering and Transport and Harbour Master for Orkney, said: “Activity at Hatston Pier has increased in recent years, with a rise in cruise ship visits, oil and gas and freight and passenger activity.

“It is important that our pier users have sufficient space ashore to undertake their operations as efficiently as possible.

“A lack of space had become a significant issue. It made it difficult for existing users to expand their activities has also prevented a number of potential business growth opportunities from coming to fruition.

“For these reasons, the Harbour Authority sees this expansion of available land as an excellent opportunity to help its key customers to operate better and to further encourage use of Hatston pier by the renewables and oil and gas sectors.

“All successful harbours have significant land areas ashore and until now, this has been a shortfall in Hatston’s capability.”

Anyone wishing further information on this area of land should contact [email protected]

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