May 23rd 2016

Battle of Jutland 100th Anniversary Commemoration
Vessels Attending the Event.
Plans are now being finalised for an event of national and international significance in Orkney. A once in a lifetime occasion to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Jutland will be held in Orkney on 31 May 2016. Ships of the Royal Navy and German Navy will visit Kirkwall and Scapa Flow in support of a service of Commemoration in St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall and at the Lyness Naval cemetery on the island of Hoy.
A timetable of ships arrivals and locations is listed below, but may be subject to change due to operational and weather considerations.

Friday 27 May –
Sunday 5 June:
1st Patrol Boat Squadron consisting of 8No. P2000 fast patrol boats, either all in Scapa Flow or spilt between Scapa Flow and Kirkwall / Outer North Isles.
Sunday 29 May:HMS Bulwark in Scapa Flow (am) then due alongside Hatston Pier, Kirkwall in the evening. Staying until Thursday 2 June (am). Various landing craft type vessels in Scapa Flow until Thursday 2 June
HMS Kent in Scapa Flow staying until 1 June
FGS Schleswig-Holstein in Scapa Flow until 1 June
Thursday 2 June:HMS Duncan arrives and berths at Hatston Pier, Kirkwall until 5 June.
FGS Brandenburg arrives and berths at Hatston Pier, Kirkwall until 5 June.
Saturday 4 June:; HMS Duncan & FGS Brandenburg open to the public, times tbc.

It should be noted that the only vessels open to the general public are those on the 4th June.

For those wishing to witness the sail past of the First Patrol Boat Squadron as they transit to Lyness, an area has been allocated for local craft at the north end of Gutter Sound between co-ordinates:

A58° 52.2 N003° 11.8’ W
B58° 52.2’ N003° 11.3’ W
C58° 51.85’ N003° 11.7’ W
D58° 51.85’ N003° 11.3’ W

For those wishing to anchor in the area, they should be in position between 1300 and 1500 and, if possible, they should inform Orkney VTS on 01856 873636 beforehand. The area will be patrolled by an Orkney Harbour Authority Pilot Boat which will issue instructions as required.

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