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Compound Charge Application Fee£38.09
Compound Charge for 2024-25£TBC
I certify that the above details are correct. I undertake personally to pay all Harbour Dues or charges relative to the above named vessel in advance and before the 1st May otherwise I accept the daily rate charge until the Compound Dues are paid in full. I confirm that I will abide by the Harbour Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations and Terms and Conditions.

An invoice will be emailed to the address provided.

The Pay Now link will be displayed once the form has been submitted.

How information about you will be used:

Marine Services require the information on this form to enable us to process your Compound Charges Application. All the information will then form the basis of any agreement.

The Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 is the legal basis for the Council processing your personal information. The information may be shared within the local Authority to detect and prevent fraud. For more information about how we process information, how long we retain the information, or the right to complain please contact us, visit http://www.orkney.gov.uk/Online-Services/privacy.htm.

If you are unable to access the Council’s website you can request a paper copy from the Council.

Compound Charges

Consolidated, compound charges, payable in advance for all vessels, devices, barges and pleasure craft. Please note VAT is charged on harbour dues for all pleasure vessels and VAT is charged on the Application Fee for all vessels.

Compound Charge Application Fee: £38.09

Vessels up to 50 GT and those not in possession of an ITC 69 Certificate:
Under 10m£196.40
10m and over but under 12m£309.47
12m and over but under 15m£440.40
15m and over but under 18m£702.26
18m and over but under 21m£880.80
21m and over but under 24m£1,321.19
24m and over but under 27m£1,666.38
27m and over but under 30m£2,005.60
Over 30m minimum £2,005.60 plus £58.36 per metre or part thereof over 30m.
Vessels over 50 GT and in possession of and ITC 69 Certificate (£ per GT):
Over 50 GT up to 100 GT£13.92
Over 100 GT up to 200 GT£15.30
Over 200 GT up to 300 GT£16.66
Over 300 GT up to 400 GT£23.64
Over 400 GT up to 500 GT£33.33
Over 500 GT up to 600 GT£45.85
Over 600 GT£62.51

Terms & Conditions for Compound Harbour Charges

Agreed by prior written application to the Harbour Master.

To be eligible for consideration for Compound Dues, vessels, devices, barges and pleasure craft should be:

  • locally owned by a commercial entity based in Orkney and operated from any OIC pier;
  • or locally owned by a commercial entity based in Orkney engaged in trading and commercial operations within Harbour Water;
  • or a privately owned by an Orkney resident and based, regularly moored, berthed or used within Harbour limits,
  • or any other privately-owned craft based, regularly moored, berthed or used within Harbour limits.

Vessels applying for or wishing to renew compound charges must be in possession of and must produce written evidence to the Harbour Authority Building, Scapa, in advance of approval/renewal or payment:

  • Ownership.
  • Valid vessel insurance certificate (exempt if vessel is under 6 metres).
  • Valid class certificate, where applicable.
  • Third Party liability insurance to a minimum of £3,000,000.

In addition to this the owner of the craft must complete the annual declaration of the craft’s anticipated use during the period.

Compound Dues are payable in advance, in full, for the year commencing on the 1st April from which this Port Tariff becomes effective, by the person who owns the vessel on that date. No apportionment or refund of this rate for periods of less than the calendar year is permitted and is non-transferable to another craft or owner.

Compound charges shall cease to be applicable to:

  • Any vessel, except for a pleasure craft, which has not moved berth in excess of 28 days.
  • Any pleasure craft which has not moved berth between 1 May and 31 October.
  • Any vessel deemed unfit for sea by the Harbour Master.

Recreational and pleasure craft paying compound dues, who do not utilise or make use of any pier, quay or mooring owned, operated or provided by Orkney Island Council or Orkney Marinas will receive a 50% discount on receipt of proof of private mooring or berth. Any subsequent use of any pier, quay or mooring owned, operated or provided by Orkney Island Council or Orkney Marinas will result in payment of the full compound charge, irrespective of charge period remaining.

These charges are at the sole discretion of Marine Services and require prior approval prior to the vessel entering the Harbour Limits.

When your Compound Charge is paid in full a sticker will be issued to you. This sticker must be displayed on your vessel at all times and be visible to the Pier Masters.

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