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One of the UK's Most Diverse Commercial Ports

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Orkney Harbour Authority - An Overview

Orkney Harbour Location

Orkney’s geographical location at 59 degrees north and on the main shipping routes from the Baltic region, the North sea, Trans-Atlantic commercial shipping routes and the north Atlantic periphery neighbours is a unique attraction for both oil and gas and marine tourism activity. The wide range of commercial and leisure ports within the 29 piers and harbours of the ports estate and Europe’s largest natural harbour Scapa Flow at 125 square miles, provides a diverse range of berthing and anchorage options.

Orkney Harbour Location
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Closer Than You Think!

Hatston Pier

Hatston pier just outside Orkney’s capital Kirkwall, is Scotland’s longest deep-water commercial berth, and attracts oil and gas support vessels, some of the world’s largest cruise shipping, freight and passenger ferry services and a sheltered berthing facility with extensive quay space for short term operational and maintenance activity for the marine renewable industry.

Hatston Pier
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Scotland’s longest deep-water commercial berth
Oil and gas support vessels
The world’s largest cruise shipping
Freight and passenger ferry services
Sheltered berthing facility with extensive quay space

Vessel Traffic Services

Vessel Traffic Services are provided 24 hours a day from the Harbour Authority’s HQ at Scapa, and five Class 1 pilots are on a continuous roster to safely berth and anchor the considerable number of large crude oil, LPG and LNG tankers that conduct Ship to Ship operations in Scapa Flow. A ground-breaking ballast water management policy is in force in Scapa Flow to provide every protection to the sensitive eco systems in pristine Orkney waters.

Vessel Traffic Services
  • Since 1980
  • Flotta Terminal Tanker
  • 2015 15 2016 49

STS Scapa Flow

Europe's Largest Natural Harbour

Scapa Flow is one of the world’s largest natural harbours offering sheltered, swell and tidal free deep water anchorages, encompassing an area of just under 125 square miles.

It is northern Europe’s preferred location for Ship to Ship transfer operations of crude oil, gas and other products, long term storage and lay up of tankers and accommodation rigs.


Latest News

21 Jan 2020

Keeping an eye on the seas around us – study leads to PhD

For seven years Jenni Kakkonen has followed the fortunes of tiny creatures living around the shores of Scapa Flow. The work plays an important role in monitoring the health of Orkney’s marine environment – and Jenni’s efforts have now been recognised with the award of a PhD from Heriot-Watt University. READ

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