Orkney's cruise sector continues to flourish with new booking system

Our 2023 Doon the Coast Winners
17 Aug 2023
‘Doon the Coast’ Photography Competition 2023 Launches
01 Jun 2023
Harbour Forms now online
23 Mar 2022

Orkney Harbour Authority - An Overview

Marine Services, a division of Orkney Islands Council as the Statutory Harbour Authority is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the 29 piers and harbours located throughout the Orkney Islands under their jurisdiction and operate under the principles set out in the Port Marine Safety Code.

Orkney Harbour Location

Orkney’s geographical location at 59 degrees north and on the main shipping routes from the Baltic region, the North sea, Trans-Atlantic commercial shipping routes and the north Atlantic periphery neighbours is a unique attraction for both oil and gas and marine tourism activity. The wide range of commercial and leisure ports within the 29 piers and harbours of the ports estate and Europe’s largest natural harbour Scapa Flow at 125 square miles, provides a diverse range of berthing and anchorage options.

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